As a research solutions company, we consistently work closely with our clients, acutely enabling us to understand their unique challenges and specific goals.  We provide our customers with technological consulting services, which will improve the results of their project and ultimately their business performance.

Concept and Prototype Development

Do you have an idea for new technology, and need development assistance?  We can help you bring your idea to the working concept and prototype stage.  By working closely with you every step of the way, we can help you take your concept from idea to reality.  Creative, innovative, and even unusual ideas are always encouraged!

Navigation Technologies

With several decades of experience in the development of navigation technologies for space, air, sea, and land vehicles, as well as personal navigation systems, our personnel are leading experts in the art and technology of navigation.  As patent holders for numerous navigation technologies, ranging from GPS technologies and atomic clock technologies to deep space vehicle navigation systems using X-ray and Gamma-ray celestial sources, we are poised to provide our customers with innovative solutions for any type of navigation system.

Spacecraft Systems Development and Operation Applications

Our company has many on-going research and technology analysis programs for developmental and operational applications related to spacecraft systems, as well as evaluations of technology that can be applied to future aerospace vehicle enhancements. 

Sensor Development

Our scientists and engineers have been very active in sensor development for a wide array of applications.  From our expertise in developing inertial measurement units for use in personal navigation, motion tracking and aerospace vehicle navigation, to medical sensor development which assist with various therapies, as well as low-vision and low-hearing personal navigation within confined structures, we are able to help you develop and integrate sensors for your project to enhance your results and accomplish your overall goals. 

Analysis and Testing

A fundamental component of much of our research and customer support includes analysis of systems and testing of their performance.  We have extensive analytical methods and techniques to support development from theoretical foundations and algorithm designs, to full product evaluations. Elements of our analysis include:

  1. Bullet   System modeling and simulation

  2.    Component design and testing

  3.    Kalman and non-linear filter design and covariance analysis

  4.    Spacecraft orbit design and analysis

Mobile Device App Development

Need assistance in developing a mobile app to interface with your technology?  We are fully capable of putting the idea of your app in motion and executing it flawlessly.  Our app developers are fluent in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems, for both tablet and smart phone interfaces and operations.

Custom Software Development

To ensure the success of our customer’s technology, we have the ability to write customized software programs to optimize its performance as needed. We maintain extensive software tool development environments for many different applications, from real-time operations to desktop application programs. Many of these tools are written for MATLAB, Python, Ada, C/C++, Fortran, and other programming languages.  

Commercial Software Development

Our collective experience as aerospace technology and navigation researchers, has led us to develop affordable tools to enhance the experiences of academic students and educators as well as industry professionals.  ASTER Labs has developed and sells several software tools, written in MATLAB, including:

            Orbitus ED

            Accomplished at displaying satellite orbits, orbit transfers, and rendezvous, this software generates usable data associated with
            these trajectories and maneuvers.


            This intuitive software provides vehicle attitude visualization and animation capabilities during vehicle reorientations and dynamics.


            This helpful software tool is a perfect for those interested in predicting when GPS satellites will be visible (above the horizon)
            at the antenna location.

DGPS Testing Services

Our expertise in the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Differential GPS provides us the skills and tools necessary to assist companies in testing and verifying performance of a variety of technologies and services.  Where it would be cost prohibitive and labor intensive for a company to purchase a testing system of this quality on its own, ASTER Labs’ existing DGPS Testing System can be brought to you to test your equipment, provide high precision data and accurate location positions on a vehicle track, moving objects or buildings, with accuracies as fine as a centimeter. 

Aircraft Leasing

ASTER Labs owns, operates and leases several single engine aircraft for the primary purpose of pilot training, pilot proficiency, and recreational flights. Owning aircraft and flying them has proven very significant in our ability to understand and develop aerospace systems. 

Interested in becoming a pilot? 

Visit our partner to learn how you can get started flying!